Research articles, reviews, book chapters


  1. Decoding the complexity of delayed wound healing following Enterococcus faecalis infection
    C. Celik, S. Y. T. Lee, F. R. Tanoto, M. Veleba, K. Kline, and G. Thibault
    May 2024
  2. Genetic regulation of injury induced heterotopic ossification in adult zebrafish
    A. K. Kaliya-Perumal, C. Celik, T. J. Carney, M. P. Harris, and P. W. Ingham
    May 2024


  1. Endoplasmic reticulum stress and lipids in health and diseases
    C. Celik, S. Y. T. Lee, W. S. Yap, and G. Thibault
    May 2023


  1. The unfolded protein response reverses the effects of glucose on lifespan in chemically-sterilized C. elegans
    C. Beaudoin-Chabot, L. Wang, C. Celik, A. T. Abdul Khalid, S. Thalappilly, S. Xu, J. H. Koh, V. W. X. Lim, A. D. Low, and G. Thibault
    May 2022
  2. Neuronal IRE-1 coordinates an organism-wide cold stress response by regulating fat metabolism
    R. Dudkevich, J. H. Koh, C. Beaudoin-Chabot, C. Celik, I. Lebenthal-Loinger, S. Karako-Lampert, S. Ahmad-Albukhari, G. Thibault, and S. Henis-Korenblit
    May 2022


  1. Directionalities of magnetic fields and topographic scaffolds synergise to enhance MSC chondrogenesis
    C. CelikA. Franco-Obregón, E. H. Lee, J. H. Hui, and Z. Yang
    May 2021


  1. Pulsed electromagnetic fields potentiate the paracrine function of mesenchymal stem cells for cartilage regeneration
    D. Parate, N. D. Kadir, C. Celik, E. H. Lee, J. H. P. Hui, A. Franco-Obregón, and Z. Yang
    May 2020


  1. Preparation of electrospun polycaprolactone nanofiber mats loaded with microalgal extracts
    S. D. Cetmi, N. Z. Renkler, A. Kose, C. Celik, and S. S. Oncel
    May 2019


  1. Injectable Hydrogels for Cartilage Regeneration
    C. Celik, V. T. Mogal, J. H. P. Hui, X. J. Loh, and W. S. Toh
    May 2018


  1. Self-Assembled Biomimetic Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
    O. Karaman, C. Celik, and A. Sendemir
    May 2016